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On 17/08/17 14:24, pfoerfr wrote:

> Now we have August and SUMA 3.1 is out since end of June!
> any news and howto's available to setup and use SUMA 3.1 as
> configuration plattforme for docker images?

Have you seen

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yes, I know this blog.

but in the usage of this feature some steps are not discribed.

First I have to say I am a docker beginner. And the SUSE docker examples at https://www.suse.com/documentation/s...es_docker.html are not working behind our company firewall.

So, my hope was SUMA 3.1 is the solution.

In the meantime I build up a docker-registry with ssl and ldap enabled portus. This seams to be working.

on suse manager, one host is enabled as container-build-host. the salt story did not work ... first add the container channels, after this maybe the stuff is working.

I try to follow the blog but the image profiles details not shown.

there are some parameters

Label: <the name> - I understood
Image Type: Dockerfile - only Dockerfile available, choice
Path: <git-url> - is real a git necessary? with authentication and so on? why not a http/https url for testing ...
Activation Key: <activationkey> - for the repos ... is a separate key necessary with special channels? salt states ...
Custom Info Values: <our custom fields> - how could I use them at the container? some special salt states inside of the container

this raises more questions than answers.