I have been in the business for 30+ years and in the last 8 for a smaller company that has a mixed environment.
What contacts I had in previous jobs are no longer around or not sutable for what I am wanting to do.
Coming from a proprietary and unix background, I have been playing with SUSE (Open and Enterprise) Linux for
a few years now. I have some Enterprise VMs running now on a limited basis.

What I want to do is see how I can capitalize on Linux (more explicitly on Enterprise Server and Desktop) and
attempt to minimize the Windows influence.

I have questions about Windows / Linux co-existing both on the desktop and the server level with some type of AD.
I have no AD now and I have questions on how much security and control I may have with a non MS AD based s/w.
I have questions about the AD options and how they would integrate with a MS AD that is used currently for a single
app and or replace the MS AD with the Linux AD.
I have questions about providing OS updates for devices that are not allowed on the internet.

I also have questions about allowing mobile devices into the company network for traveling employees using the
Linux AD based security.

I need to talk with someone or group that can guide me so I can get myself back into the mainstream again.