One of our XIV systems is going off lease and we have to move an lpar's (running SLES 11.4) SAN disks to a different XIV. We ran a cold backup of the system using Storix. We added the new XIV luns to the lpar. Made identical partitions and added those partitions to their corresponding LVMs. We then used the pvmove commands to transfer the data. We then removed the original disks from the LVMs and removed the original disks from the system. The new multipath disks looked correct. We ran the mkinitrd command and then rebooted.
The system did reboot, but we lost the multipath on our root/system disk. It appears to have grabbed one of the paths (/dev/sda?) and used it to boot from. The other multipath data disks came back fine, as expected.
To fix the problem, we had to completely restore the lpar to the new XIV disks using the Storix software. This is fine, but required downtime longer than just the reboot.
In AIX, we migrate system and data disks all the time while the systems are up and running, and we always do a reboot to make sure the system is able to reboot. We are trying to do the same type of procedure with SUSE Linux. We are missing something concerning the boot/system disks in a multipath environment. Does anyone have a procedure that they can share on how to migrate multipath boot disks?