I just ugpraded from SUSE 12.2 to SUSE Leap 42.2. Strictly speaking, I reformatted the boot and root mount points and installed, so there should be no interference.

Now, however, Libre Office cannot open files with Cyrillic filenames, or with Latin filenames if they're in folders with Cyrillic flienames. KDE seems to have no trouble as long as I'm using Qt programs but Konsole spits out question marks when I ask it to list the files.

I have verified that G_FILENAME_ENCODING includes @locale and G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is set to 1.

I am running the Plasma 5 desktop. For what it's worth, Plasma 5 in Fedora 25 doesn't seem to mind at all; it reads an external hard drive I used to back up the data just fine, but SUSE keeps choking & I can't seem to figure out why.