On 29/06/17 09:14, john perry math wrote:

> I just ugpraded from SUSE 12.2 to SUSE Leap 42.2. Strictly speaking, I
> reformatted the boot and root mount points and installed, so there
> should be no interference.
> Now, however, Libre Office cannot open files with Cyrillic filenames, or
> with Latin filenames if they're in folders with Cyrillic flienames. KDE
> seems to have no trouble as long as I'm using Qt programs but Konsole
> spits out question marks when I ask it to list the files.
> I have verified that G_FILENAME_ENCODING includes @locale and
> G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is set to 1.
> I am running the Plasma 5 desktop. For what it's worth, Plasma 5 in
> Fedora 25 doesn't seem to mind at all; it reads an external hard drive I
> used to back up the data just fine, but SUSE keeps choking & I can't
> seem to figure out why.

First of all "SUSE 12.2" and "SUSE Leap 42.2" are not valid products -
SUSE is the company.

However by saying "Leap 42.2" you have indicated that you are now using
openSUSE Leap 42.2 in which case you should repost in the openSUSE
Forums @ https://forums.opensuse.org/ .

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