it's difficult for me to see the root cause from the logs. But from my experience, sometimes it makes more sense to start over if you had several things to correct in your environment in order to run the script. If you have a virtual admin server and you have a snapshot of it in a clean state, reset it. Then change the things you did recently, and then try to run the install script again. If you don't have a snapshot, try to remove all traces of crowbar, chef, couchdb, postgresql. Lots of them can be removed by executing
zypper rm -u patterns-cloud-admin
or via yast add-on.
Then delete all remaining files and directories containing crowbar, chef, couch and postgres (pgsql).

But before you remove the add-on and all traces, save a copy of the network.json!

If a reset doesn't work you'll have to contact SUSE Support.