Hey there,

I'm using SuSE Manager 3 and try to delete Systems via spacecmd. I created a .spacecmd/config file and this works fine with softwarechannel_clone, which I already realized with spacecmd.
When I try to delete a Client with system_delete or even try to call system_list, there is no output:

# spacecmd system_list
INFO: Connected to https://localhost/rpc/api as SMadmin
[ end of output ]

When I rename the .spacecmd/config and try the same with Username and PW, it works fine (same User/PW as in config file):

# spacecmd -u [user] -p [Password] system_list
INFO: Spacewalk Username: SMadmin
INFO: Connected to https://[server]/rpc/api as SMadmin
[system 1]
[system 2]

User has all rights, except Organisation Administrator. But I do not think this is a problem with rights, because it works fine without the config file.

Can you give me any hints on this?

Thanks in advance and regards from Hamburg