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Thread: Did the command line update mess up my boot loader?

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  1. Did the command line update mess up my boot loader?

    I have been struggling with this server for few days now. I have SLES 11 SP4 disk and I'm trying to upgrade/Repair the system. Originally I was running SP3, but I tried to update the distribution from the command line and that did not end up well. Right now, on boot, I get ELILO Boot message and then at initrd step, the system reboots automatically and stays in that loop.

    With SP4 disk I'm able to see partitions, but every single attempt to install a boot loader has failed. Grub and ELILO alike. :

    GRUB error:

    The BIOS is set to "UEFI and Legacy"

    I noticed that this location was empty???:

    Here is some of the ELILO error, let me know if you want to see the whole thing please. I already posted too many pictures.

    I cannot copy and paste error texts but I took several screenshots. It would be a blessing if someone could give me a hand.
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