I've noticed changes with regards to the NTS setup for the APAC region
and, I have to say, are quite terrible.

Not only is it extremely clear that front-line are floundering with new
product sets and trying to run through a standard "trouble shooting
scripts", but there is also going to be issues around ESOL when working
with Australia and New Zealand. As a result, the customer has to
suffer...and for those of us that have been working with the product
sets and NTS for decades, this just causes a mass of frustration.

There appears to be a complete lack of common sense applied to the
initial steps, but rather a rigid sticking to the "trouble shooting
scripts". There is still the ongoing issue of re-requesting information
that has already been supplied, customers have better things to do when
issues occur than send the same information over and over and over

I'm concerned that the ESOL issue is also going to cause problems with
understanding information provided, especially over the phone and taking
into account their "newness" to the products. This doesn't fill me with
confidence that the issue is going to be identified and resolved in a
timely manner, and considering my current oldest SR is from 31/MAR/2016
with almost no action on it, it indicates the resolution time is just
going to get longer and longer or not exist at all.

I'm disappointed with the changes Micro Focus/NetIQ have made in this
area, it was semi-bad before, but now it's just unbearable.

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