cisaksen Wrote in message:

> Thanks for the info,
> I don't like the idea that a apache configuration file in is a different
> location from the others (/etc/apache2). You have make configurations
> changes in here as it is for virtual hosts etc.. So why not keep
> everything together like you normally would ? I don't know just seem
> more complicated then it needs to be.
> Must be why I like nginx so much to bad this app need apache.

You are free to edit the configuration files in /etc/apache2/ but
the way SUSE do things could mean those changes are overridden -
with SUSE Linux various services are configured via a
service-specific file in /etc/sysconfig/ that is then used to
configure the service dynamically on startup. For virtual hosts
you could then drop a file into /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/ containing
a suitable Apache configuration snippet and this will be used at
Apache startup.

Simon Flood
SUSE Knowledge Partner

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