we have several old webapplications which are developments of our own. They run currently e.g. on SLES 10 SP4, Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.0.26, postgres 8.1.23, perl 5.8.8 or php 5.2.14. And they run on old hardware. We tried to move the webapplications on more recent versions of the needed software, but that didn't work properly. The Webapplications have to be adapted, and our developer left us some months ago and we will not get a new one.

Are containers a possibility to prolonge the life-time of such applications ? I build the necessary environment for the applications, but nevertheless they run on new hardware. Do container provide a level of security, such as chroot ? Are docker isolated from other containers and from the real os ?
I know that i can put the whole system in a vm, but i'd like to get some experience in docker.
Can i do live migrations with docker, like with vm's ?