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On 25/07/17 19:24, arunabha banerjee wrote:

> I just wonder after 24 hours there is no response from "Expert", maybe I
> have raised this question in the wrong section.
> Also raised SR with SuSE support but again the response from support
> team didn't resolve the issue.
> Keep finger crossed

Please note that these forums are staffed by volunteers who do so as
their time permits. Given your question seems to be quite specific I'm
guessing there is no "expert" who can easily help so a SR would seem the
best way of getting some support.

The other thing to mention is that there is a dedicated SUSE Linux
Enterprise for SAP Applications forum @
https://forums.suse.com/forumdisplay...P-Applications which
is more likely to be frequented by SAP "experts".

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Thank you for your suggestion. Just to inform you, we have already raised SR with SuSE support (Dated - 20/07/2017) and still SuSE support unable provie the right solution. Again as you refered to follow different fourm
and I have checked all the post and found the same concern has been raised 2 years back (01-Mar-2015) and SuSE/volunteers still unable to resolve the issue