hello .
hi Im trying to run Xvfb on SLES 12 , but Im getting this error and due my lack of experience on linux cant find a solution for this .

What I need from this command , is to have a "vitual desktop/screen" to be able to interact with a GUI web application using seleniun web driver ( java ) for testing automatition.

this is Launched on "background" by other process , this way
Xvfb :0 >& /home/tests/HMI/screenshots/Xvfb.log

the error Im getting is
Xvfb: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libLLVMAMDGPUCodeGen.so.3.8: undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm19MachinePassRegistry6RemoveEPNS_23Machine PassRegistryNodeE

Thank you