On 22/08/17 13:04, percy682 wrote:

> Sorry for the too late reply and no make it clear.
> Yes, it is DL580 G9 not DL380 G9 and mainly, I also test in the DL380
> G9, I also got the same question.
> I have checked that you mention, the results are as bellow:
> * System Options | Processor Options | Intel Hyperthreading
> => Enabled
> * System Options | Processor Options | Processor Core Disabled
> =>0
> * System Options | Virtualisation Options | Virtualization Technology
> =>Enabled
> * System Options | Virtualisation Options | Intel VT-d
> =>Enabled
> Thanks for your support.

Based on reading I've done I was rather hoping Processor Core Disabled
was not going to be 0!

I can only think this is related to 32-bit SLES running on 64-bit
hardware without an available 32-bit kISO. Is it possible for you to
boot the server in rescue mode from a 64-bit SLES DVD to see if "cat
/proc/cpuinfo" detects the missing cores? This would at least rule out
32-bit vs 64-bit but not the kISO.

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