Hello everyone,

I have pulled SLES 12 rpms package including kernel + other rpms like drbd, nfs... and add more services, then using kiwi to rebuild the initrd. Everything is ok and I can boot kernel with my customize initrd.

Currently I need to modify the already built kernel (vmlinuz) to enable CONFIG_XFRM_STATISTICS and rebuild kernel. My steps are as the following:

- Unpack kernel-source rpm
- Unpack config "tar jxf config.tar.bz2"
- Pack config again "tar jcf config.tar.bz2 config"
- Then do "rpmbuild -ba kernel-default.spec" to rebuild the kernel default rpm
- Do "rpmbuild -ba kernel-syms.spec" to rebuilf kernel syms

Then I replace the origin kernel-default and kernel-syms with my built ones, then I build my initrd using kiwi but it fails with the error:

"nothing provides ksym(default:__alloc_skb) = 4e7db4d4 needed by drbd-kmp-default"

and I cannot built my initrd anymore. I've already checked the System.map of my built kernel and see the function __allloc_skb built. Could you let me the meaning of this error and how I can resolve this problem?

Thanks a lot,