Hi all,

I've set up the new Suse Manager 3.1 and hope that anybody could help me with Salt. I'm wondering how to implement a custom salt state with a source entry in it when creating one under Salt --> State Catalog?
For example:
I wanted to apply the following state:

- name: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
- source: salt://sshd/files/config/sshd_config
- user: root
- group: root
- file_mode: 644

In that case, where do I have to put the config file? Or can I only create a state under /srv/salt and have to apply the state manually via command line?
Is there a way to get the states created unter /srv/salt into the state catalog? I haven't found anything in the documentation. Only how to create a simple state with pkg.installed ....

Thanks in advance for your help!!