I am limited in my kowledge of Linux, even though I've been dabbling in it for several years, and only need it to have OES and Groupwise. I am rebuilding my system with SLES11SP4, and will end up with 3 XEN VMs running this as well as the host.

Thusfar I have got the host up and the first two VMs, with OES2105SP1 working OK.

However, when I went to download the latest GroupWise 2014.R2.SP1, (on the second VM) I discovered Mozilla would not open. Then discovered it would not open on the first VM or the XEN host, even though during the installation process, all products were registered successfully. I have found that while I can ping external IPs with no problem, it won't resolve host names, and it's obvious DNS is not working.

So go to Yast and select DNS Configuration (on the XEN Host, initially); I am met with a screen that says "These packages need to be installed" > bind. [So why is this needed now when during the installation everything went well?]. So I click Install, and it comes back and says "Cannot access installation media". The SLES11SP4 DVD is in the drive, but it wants to connect to nu.novell.com,and of course because of DNS failure, it can't! Chicken and egg situation. How do I get around this to fix my DNS.

I've seen articles about editing /etc/sysconfig/network/config and also /etc/resolve.conf, but I figure I should not have to do that as it should work by design, surely?

Hope someone here can assist, as I don't think they will let me create an SR for this situation.