I have problem with connecting to a novell-cifs server (SLES10 SP4/OES2
SP3) with both nautilus and konqueror running on SLED11 SP1 i686. After
the password prompt it might take minutes until the connection is
established or finally refused. Opening the share on the command line
with smbclient works instantly, however.

Options set on the server:

# novcifs -o
Server Operational Parameters:
Server - "TEST"
Comment - "CIFS Server"
Authentication - "Local"
File Flush - Disabled
LMCompatibilityLevel - 5
Oplocks - Enabled
DFS - Disabled
Unicode - Enabled
Domain Add-on - Disabled
Cross Protocol Lock - Enabled
Auditing - Disabled
Guest Login - Disabled
Subtree Search - Disabled
Maximum Cached Subdirectories Per Volume - 102400
Maximum Cached Files Per Subdirectory - 10240
Maximum Cached Files Per Volume - 256000
Range Lock Masking - Enabled
csc - 0
SMB Signatures - Mandatory

Option set on the client in /etc/samba/smb.conf:
client ntlmv2 auth = yes

My wild guess is that nautilus tries whatever version of LM before
starting the negotiate the correct NTLMv2 dialog. Any comments on this?
How can this be configured in Gnome oder KDE4?