Hi. We are running SUMA 3.1.1. We have a group of servers that we want on a separate patch schedule so we cloned the SLES12-SP1 repo and associated child channels (updates, etc.). Now, when we want to patch the servers, we sync this cloned repo against the original SLES12-SP1 channels and apply the patches. However, if we want to migrate these SLES12-SP1 servers to SLES12-SP2 and clone the SLES12-SP2 repos just like we did for SLES12-SP1, we cannot migrate them from the cloned SLES12-SP1 channel to the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel. It seems SUMA doesn't know that the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel is just as valid as the original SLES12-SP2 channels.

So, how do we migrate the servers in the cloned SLES12-SP1 channel to SLES12-SP2? Do we force the servers to the default SLES12-SP2 channel and then, once the migration is complete, move them back under the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel? Seems SUMA should allow us to migrate to the cloned SLES12-SP2 channel.