Last week I performed an upgrade in place on one of my virtual servers that run under z/VM 6.4. I upgraded from SLES 11 SP4 to SLES 12 SP2.

My servers are all set up with at least 2 swap disks. One is a small (256MB) virtual swap disk and a 3390 mod9 (7048MB) swap disk. The virtual swap disk is supposed to be the primary disk. After the upgrade the physical disk is the primary, but /etc/fstab shows that it should not be.

Output of a section of 'lsdasd':
Bus-ID     Status      Name      Device  Type  BlkSz  Size      Blocks
0.0.0201   active      dasda     94:0    FBA   512    100MB     204800
0.0.0200   active      dasdb     94:4    ECKD  4096   7042MB    1802880
0.0.0202   active      dasdc     94:8    ECKD  4096   7042MB    1802880
Output of a section of /etc/fstab:
/dev/disk/by-path/ccw-0.0.0201-part1  swap      swap       pri=-1                0  0
/dev/disk/by-path/ccw-0.0.0202-part1  swap      swap       pri=-2                0  0
Output of 'swapon -s':
Filename                                Type            Size    Used    Priority
/dev/dasdc1                             partition       7211420 19496   -1
/dev/dasda1                             partition       101536  0       -2
Any idea why SLES 12 is not honoring the values specified in /etc/fstab? What setting(s) do I need to modify to have the swap priorities set as specified in /etc/fstab?