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On Mon, 18 Sep 2017 07:04:03 +0000, tkieffer2017 wrote:

Hi tkieffer2017,

> Thank you for your response. Yes, I know, I am french and there are
> hupstream trainees at Paris, I proposed it at the people who manage this
> in my company and he sent me the paper for the SLES 12 trainees with
> POWER8 processors. Maybe there is a reason. I'll call him for more
> informations, if there is no choice I'll accept it.

I am sorry your post went unanswered and you had to reply to yourself.
I did reply but unfortunately it did not sync up via NNTP so only shows via the web interface.

Anyway I'm at SUSECON this week and this is one of the questions I was going to ask at the SUSE Training stand so thanks for the timely reminder!