On September 5th, I upgraded one of my database servers from SLES 11 SP4 to SLES 12 SP2. I performed an upgrade in place.

The database admin let me know that he has been using a script (for years) to backup the DB2 database and FTP the backup to another server, if the backup is successful. The FTP is now failing with message
Wrapper for lftp to simulate compatibility with lukemftp
FTP failed.  Return Code: 8
I chose the upgrade in place option to preserve all of the system settings (ssh keys, config files, etc.).

If I attempt to initiate an FTP from this same server I get "Wrapper for lftp to simulate compatibility with lukemftp" prior to the prompt for my login name.

If I attempt the initiate an FTP from a SLES 11 server I get a 'Connected to ..." message followed by that systems' ftp_banner.

What could be the cause of this issue?