View Full Version : SLES 11 SP3 How to upgrade SLES 11 SP3 to SLES 11 SP4

05-Jun-2018, 13:08
We have SLES 11 SP3 installed on a Blade server. In this OS we has also create KVM vm's and more than 5 vm's are installed and running. Now I would like to upgrade the Host OS from SLES 11 SP3 to SLES 11 SP4. I would like to do this either online or with SLES 11 SP4 CD and expect minimal issues with upgrade. Is this possible ?

05-Jun-2018, 14:32
Hi and welcome to the Forum :)
If it's just running virtual machines with KVM, I would not expect issues, aside from having the vm's shutoff while doing the upgrade.

I suggest you first review the release notes and upgrade documentation first;

I would also snapshot/backup the vm's, any system configuration changes and important data.