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17-Aug-2012, 02:08
Hi All,

first post..

servers are SLES11SP1 connectiong to a Netapp NFS export
Two servers connecting to same NFS mount point on Netapp (building an MQ 7.5 HA cluster)

When servers are rebooted, the will mount with the following
netapp-iscsi:/vol/nfs_server_export on /opt/MQHA type nfs (rw,noac,hard,intr,nolock,addr=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

I need lock enabled (I am putting in MQ-HA, so for the Qmanager failover I need lock support enabled)

Now the WEIRD thing is that is I umount the /opt/MQHA and run mount -a I get the lock enabled!!!!!!!
netapp-iscsi:/vol/nfs_server_export on /opt/MQHA type nfs (rw,noac,hard,intr,lock,addr=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)

I was not even getting nfs locks working when i was using another SLES server to export the filesyste, so I have moved to the NETAPP (which is the ned-game anyway)


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