View Full Version : PCIBACK or XEN-PCIBACK

25-Apr-2013, 17:05
After Migrating from SLES11SP1 to SLES11SP2 and XEN4.1.4 my fully virtualized Windows 2008 Server with a SAS-Adapter connected ULTRIUM-LTO Drive
causes my XEN-Host to be hang. The Dom0 slows down and freezes.
Only way is to reset the my virtualization Host.

I use late-binding via /etc/init.d/pciback and correct configured /etc/sysconfig/pciback.conf.

pciback is started correctly and before starting my VM-Guest I controlled via xm pci-list-assignable-devices if my SAS-Controller is ready to be passed thru to the vm.

After reading the xen-wiki they always mumble about xen-pciback.
If I control with modprobe xen-pciback I only get a fatal-error, that xen_pciback isnīt available (which of course is true, i can't find anything under /sys/modules.

The xen-wiki tells me, that for using XEN 4.1 the correct way is xen-pciback not only pciback - how to do this?
Maybe this is my "failure" - because everything worked under SLES11SP1 and XEN 4.0.2