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06-Sep-2013, 08:03
Dear All,

I am trying to setup 6 pc cluster in suse linux 11.2, I have successfully done the setting when firewall is disabled, but now I am facing problem has I want to set the cluster with my firewall enabled, so if someone knows the step or setting let me know.



06-Sep-2013, 12:10
Hi Nikhil,

"suse linux 11.2" would be the term for "openSUSE 11.2" - as you are posting to the SLES forums, I may assume you're asking about SLES11SP2?

Next thing to ask: What type of cluster? Pacemaker, from the HAE add-on? Pacemaker, from some other source? Some other generic clustering software? Or some application-level cluster, i.e. Tomcat or Apache's httpd?

Setting up the matching firewall rules obviously depend on the needs of the communicating applications, have you already identified the required communication streams?