View Full Version : SUSE Manager Evaluation requires Mirror Creds ?

09-Dec-2014, 18:12
SUSE Manager Setup requires (a) SLES Regcode and (b) Mirror Credentials(Organization Credentials). A free account on SUSE/Novell can get evaluation code for SLES but Mirror Credentials are not available for free accounts. I created a free account on SUSE and unable to find the Mirror Credentials(Organization Credentials) at https://scc.suse.com when logged in via free account.

Is it possible to install SUSE Manager with all the features and Software Channels available without providing the Mirror Credentials ? if no then then how free account holders can evaluate the product ?

10-Dec-2014, 09:19
Please log in to https://scc.suse.com and use the 'Feedback' button to get help in obtaining your organization credentials.