View Full Version : Rackables SE3016 with Xen

19-Mar-2015, 03:53
SLES12 as host OS and 1 Xen VM with server 2012 r2 as the guest OS. We have a SE3016 that we need to reuse for extra storage space. So i installed the Dell 6Gbps SaS HBA into the server, attached the SaS cable from the HBA card to the SE3016. Boot the server up and?...??...
How do i see if the host OS "sees" the adapter and drives in the SE3016? Will i need to install a driver for SLES12? Then i need to pass the drives to the guest OS. Can someone instruct me on how to do this?

19-Mar-2015, 04:11
OK, SLES12 sees the HBA and according to expert partitioner, the host OS sees the drives! Sweet! Cant see how to get the VM to see the drives. Any advice?

19-Mar-2015, 18:10
So when i right-click a connection and choose Details in virt-manager then click the storage tab, the whole details box disappears! Is it that this is no longer the suggested way to add storage?

19-Mar-2015, 21:13
OK, seems it would disappear when using VNC to connect to the host server. When i physically get to server, the storage tab works correctly.

I am following https://www.suse.com/documentation/sles-12/book_virt/data/sec_libvirt_storage_vmm.html
to add the physical drive but the VM does not see it in computer management->disk management. I know i am not the only one here that needs to add a physical drive to the guest VM.

I click the "+" sign on the storage tab, give it a name and choose phy: physical disk for the type. Select the path (/dev) and then and source path is /dev/sdb. Click finish and it gets added but the guest VM does not see it. I just tried every entry in the type field. Could use some help adding this disk please

20-Mar-2015, 02:41
I finally got it to see the drive(s) after removing and using a windows system to format it.