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08-Oct-2015, 13:16

I have a Cloud 5 environment (OpenStack Juno) with 4 nodes, 1 admin (VM, SLES11), 1 control (phys. SLES11) and 2 compute nodes (both phys., SLES11 and SLES12).
Now what I try to accomplish is to use a new storage node running with Cinder Kilo version because of some features that are supported there, but this storage node should not be maintained by Chef. That's why I can't simply add it in crowbar UI as a cinder volume.
So I installed Cinder services on that new node, on control node I deleted the keystone endpoints pointing to the controller and created new endpoints for the new storage node, shutdown all Cinder services on the control node and now I am able to use that new storage node. Unfortunately, it only works for a couple of minutes, until my new endpoints are deleted and the old ones get re-created, I'm not sure yet which service is responsible for that or which config file should be modified to avoid the overwriting. When I try to deactivate the cinder barclamp in crowbar I get the error message because of the dependencies, of course. But I don't want to deactivate/delete all barclamps, I just want to tell Chef that I don't need http://control_node:8776/v1/... anymore but only my new endpoints. Is there a way to do that without messing everything up?
I'd appreciate any help or information!


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05-Feb-2016, 12:14
Update for everyone who is interested:
In the meantime I switched from Juno to Liberty and was able to get it working with an external cinder-volume, although I think my problems were not related to the versions but to my missing knowledge about OpenStack ;-)
The most important part is (besides the right cinder.conf and the right configuration of iSCSI targets etc.) to assign an IP address that's in the admin network, because Chef maintains a pg_hba.conf file that only allows access from within the admin network. This way I have a functional cinder-volume (I was able to launch an instance from that volume), but the node is not maintained by Chef, which is very important in this case.

08-Feb-2016, 10:34
Thank you for the follow-up.
The pg_hba.conf is likely this way for security-reasons and it is good that you got your external cinder working with it.