View Full Version : Remote Desktop no longer working

29-Feb-2012, 15:34
The Xvnc/Remote Desktop facility seems to have suddenly stopped working - this is off because I was using it successfully yesterday. I can connect to terminal :1 successfully, however my VNC client is left with a black screen and a "X" cursor - the KDM login screen does not appear. We have not made any changes to the configuration (unless something was auto-magically changed by an update). has anyone any clues - I really need this since I use remote desktop to maange the server when I'm not in the office.



29-Feb-2012, 15:35
Sorry - should have said, this is SLES 11 SP1 with all updates applied.

02-Mar-2012, 11:26
Problem has been solved. A previous update of libpng seemed to upset Remote Desktop. Taking the system down to runlevel 1 then back up to runlevel 5 solved it.