View Full Version : Registration of host2 kicks out host1 on SuMA 3

16-Jun-2016, 13:57
I have an issue with client registration on SuMa3:
When host2 is registered (pull) the existing host1 gets kicked out of SuMa and vice versa.
Reproducible: always
Both systems are part of an OES11 SP2 NCS 2-node cluster. Several other 2-node clusters of the same type have been registered successfully without problems.
Both affected systems are VMware guests, and they show up in SuMa with unique UUIDs and System IDs. There are no apparent DNS lookup issues - forward and reverse lookup work fine from the clients as well as from the SuMa server.

Weird phenomenon. Any hint appreciated.

16-Jun-2016, 15:00
Were these systems somehow created via cloning or something?

Just a guess...

Good luck.

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17-Jun-2016, 10:12
Are these traditional or Salt (minion) clients ?

Please see https://wiki.microfocus.com/index.php/SUSE_Manager/Register_Clones as a first approach.

17-Jun-2016, 11:00
Probably yes, to be honest, I don't know anymore. But every host-identity-related item has been changed after cloning anyway - otherwise Novell Cluster Services wouldn't work.
This issue occurs on two 2-node clusters out of seven.

17-Jun-2016, 11:30
These are traditional clients.
Your hint was valuable. After removing the registration information completely on host2, registration of host2 now fails with the following error:
rhn-plugin: The SSL certificate failed verification.

The last output line in /var/log/up2date is:

<class 'up2date_client.up2dateErrors.SSLCertificateVerify FailedError'>:

It seems to me that the client is unable to verify the SuMa host's SSL cert. If so, maybe this one:

The other clients don't have a problem with the cert. What next?

20-Jun-2016, 09:26
Problem resolved by once again deregistering the client and removing all spacewalk-related RPMs and directories:

suse_register -E
zypper rm zypp-plugin-spacewalk rhnlib
rm -rf /etc/sysconfig/rhn

Thanks for your help.