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11-Nov-2016, 10:32
After upgrading SUSE Manager 3.0 with the patch 'SUSE-SUSE-Manager-Server-3.0-2016-1539' a call to 'salt <minion(s)> pillar.items' lacks the custom pillar data defined below '/srv/pillar' addressed by '/srv/pillar/top.sls'. With the patch the path '/usr/share/susemanager/pillar' becomes available and now contains the top file 'top.sls', which hides any pillar data from the environment 'base' previously addressed by the top file '/srv/pillar/top.sls'. From users point the file '/usr/share/susemanager/pillar/top.sls' shall be considered 'non-editable'.

What would be the recommended way to get back my custom pillar data without defining a new environment or setting another default top file name?

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17-Nov-2016, 15:35
For what it is worth, I heard that this is being worked on internally
right now; I'm not sure if you opened a Service Request (SR) or anything,
but either way engineering knows about it and is working on it.

Good luck.

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22-Nov-2016, 10:29
Thanks for this information!

I have not opened a Service Request, yet.

Actually, I have configured a work around to integrate my custom pillar with the SUSE Manager 3 pillar.

22-Nov-2016, 16:12
Perhaps somebody else did, then, and cited your thread (thanks for
starting it). Either way, it sounds like a fix is in the works, and to
find out more you should open a Service Request (SR) with SUSE;
historically SRs for known, unresolved, issues are credited back to you
when closed.

Good luck.

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30-Nov-2016, 14:54
Hi ab,

we're in the loop (Harald is a colleague of me) and we've already had a chance to test.