multipath failover delay

aakashifaakashif New or Quiet Member
I have a sles12sp3 (physical) in production running off dell emc unity.
Recently, i upgraded unity software which took around 1 hour.
Once the upgrade was completed, i found the suse machine in hung condition.

I am using Linux multipath and think it was unable to failback. or both paths were disconnected while the upgrade happened.(EMC RESTARTS SP ONE BY ONE)

Although I am booting from unity, i don't find any multipath.conf file
I am new to Linux. And want to fix this issue. Can anyone help?


  • EugenEugen Senior Member

    have you looked into the SUSE Docs?
    They say:
    The /etc/multipath.conf file does not exist unless you create it. Default multipath device settings are applied automatically when the multipathd daemon runs unless you create the multipath configuration file and personalize the settings.

    So if you need to make changes you'll have to create that file and add your settings.

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