Unable to login into https://stratos.cap.explore.suse.dev/

I have tried to login to into the developers sandbox CAP stratos but I get invalid credentials, is there some asynchronous process that takes sometime for my account to be available ? (The text from the welcome email suggested it should already be available).



  • Hi,

    did you manage to login in ? I registered and within 10 minutes I was able to.

  • Hey @lamego.pinto, sorry this didn't work as expected.

    As a heads up,the Sandbox credentials are the ones that you put in at https://www.explore.suse.dev/suse-cap-developer-sandbox/ (as opposed to the same as what you used to log in to the developer portal & forum)

    Is it not working when you use the sandbox specific credentials?

    If you want, message me directly on here with your email and we can try to debug!

    Thank you,

    Andrew Gracey

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