So now Opensuse questions and comments go here?

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Questions like I use TW and and the Nvidia 440.82 driver won't install or VLC doesn't work.

Comments like the 15.2 beta is pretty decent & coming along or here's my Desktop screen shot.

Comments in General Discussion most likely for comments but the questions product? Or something else?

I ask this as the openSuse category redirects to a ROM-Only and as time apps and kernels move on will become obsolete.


  • Hi Robert,

    concerning openSUSE I would suggest the openSUSE forum, as you will find the majority of the community there:

    But thanks for that input. Do you think we should have an extra openSUSE category here too?

    Tanks and greets


  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner
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    The openSUSE Forum is in limbo while the MF Provo instance is moved to the Nuremberg infrastructure, the openSUSE reference here was meant to be a link to the forum 😉


  • Cbran,

    Regrettably, my impatience is showing. While it might be a good idea to have a slot here for the community perhaps it is best if I wait & see.


    Would that migration be to here anyway or a forum of its own?

  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @cbran it's a new instance of the same (vBulletin) Forum, we are waiting on Accenture for the db extract at uploading for the openSUSE Heroes to import etc.

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    Let me know, if we need more / an extra space for openSUSE and I can set up a category :)

    But I'm figuring, the re-direct works now and takes users to the source 😊

  • Malcolmlewis

    So then the new forum will be like the one we left only it will be accessible from the same login page that I used to get here?

    Also I assume we would be starting from zero on posts just like we did when we went to the one that we just left?

  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @Robert yes, will still be vBulletin (the latest version as well), yes the new login system is used (Still doing some testing), all previous data post count etc is retained.

    At some point there may be a change to something other the vBulletin, but our main focus was getting an instance running on the openSUSE infrastructure,

  • Ok looking forward to it!

    Thanks Malcolm

  • Cool stuff! I'm so happy we are all independent from MF now :)

  • malcolmlewismalcolmlewis Knowledge Partner

    @Robert openSUSE forums are back up now ;)

  • Thanks, malcolm!

  • zypper install chrony error

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