RMT server says host not registerd and rmt clients dont show up under proxy

Hi, all,
My rmt server is up ... and it gets updates form scc just fine, then the rmt side is mirroring all the product I enabled also fine.. the rmt client (test) is connection (resigstering local) and getting updates .. so on my side all looks good BUT on scc site rmt says the host is not registered and i dont see the rmt clients from my side on scc site?

It syas reporting mus tbe enabled?.. where?
Kind Regards Thys

Base information
Host system
(not registered)
Last seen at
Sep 10 2020, 2:21 PM UTC
Reported systems
This proxy has not reported any systems. This either means that no systems have yet registered behind it, or that system reporting is not supported or enabled on this proxy.


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