How to add new systems for autoinstallation

I miss the point in the documentation how I should add new servers for the autoinstallation.
Currently I have the profile but no idea how I should connect the profile with a fresh server and provide the specific data like servername and ip address. I guess I could do this with the variables but how should I manage this when the system is unknown to the SUMA?


  • Use the Variables in the Profile
    Add variables that define the things you want, and then reference them in the AutoYaST

  • AchimAchim Member

    Hi David,
    I thought the profile is only for general settings and not for server specific data. As this means I have to provide a servername, run the installation and for the next server I have to change the profile again. On top I'm not able to install parallel.
    I expected any kind of dialog or something else where I could provide the specific data during the autoinstallion process.

  • tinorienaeckertinorienaecker New or Quiet Member

    Hi Achim,
    I use the autoyast profile with cobbler for automation.
    You can use it in that way:
    1. Generate an autoyast profile on the SUMA.
    2. Use Cobbler to generate the tftp - PXE configs
    cobbler system add --name=$HOSTNAME --mac-address=${BOOTMAC} --ip-address=${IP} --profile=$COBBLER_PROFILE
    The Name of the cobbler profile you can see with this command:
    "cobbler profile list"
    Here some more settings you can set:
    "cobbler system add --help"
    If you have to use variables, which you set in you autoyast profile. You can fill it with:
    --autoinstall-meta="VAR=test1 VAR2=test2 VAR3=test3"
    Be carfull of the quotes!
    Here you find some help:

    I agree that not all thinks explained overall...
    Remember, you have to organise an dhcp server by your own.
    good luck!

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