SUSECON 2016 Android App feedback

smfloodsmflood Knowledge Partner
Firstly on my Android tablet (the Samsung prize) the App crashed after
downloading it, logging in, the selecting Schedule. I reported feedback
which hopefully SUSE/Lanyon will see.

This didn't happen with my Android phone (also a Samsung). However the
App hung (spinning wheel) on my phone when I first exited. Seems okay on
subsequent usage so perhaps a first use thing for the App.

Now to corrections. Under Sponsors the Intel description currently starts


There's the obvious typo in first word - NTEL should be INTEL. Probably
a cut and paste error.

Also the uppercase is SHOUTY - whilst I can see from more detailed
description it's a headline with the rest of text in lowercase it does
rather stand out in list of Sponsors ... for the wrong reasons!

Finally questions - how do I attach a photo to my profile? It seems you
can do it via My Event | Settings | My Profile but while you can upload
and save it doesn't stick. I was hoping to show a photo for myself in

It's also not clear what the Availability Section in My Profile is - do
I block a day or not to be available?

HTH & Thanks,
SUSE Knowledge Partner

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