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Thread: Semi random booting/stability issues

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    Semi random booting/stability issues


    Over the last month or so we've had three virtual boxes running vmware lock up for no reason we can determine. When we power them off and then on again, they will partially
    boot and then hang. I have attached a screen shot of where they hang after the kernel is selected.

    Odd thing is if we select a previous kernel, instead of the newest kernel, they would all boot fine (except for the one we are currently having issues with). After booting them we can then boot back to the newest kernel and everything seems fine again, no issues. Or so it was for the first two boxes which did this. The third box and last box, refuses to stay up after we get it back up with the newest kernel again.

    Not sure if I should open a support ticket since I'm sorta floundering a bit trying to figure out what could be causing this. The only useful info we've noticed so far is the latest box
    complained about "BTRFS error: could not find root" when we initially brought it up under the older kernel.

    Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated.

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