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Thread: hardware 3D stereo doesn't work

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    Re: hardware 3D stereo doesn't work

    Hello, I first deleted the xorg.conf file at:


    Then, I created a 50-nvidia.conf file to

    Here is the content of the above file

    Identifier     "Device0"
    Driver         "nvidia"
    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"
    BoardName      "Framebuffer Graphics"
    Option         "AllowDFPStereo" "1"
    Option         "UBB" "1"
    Option         "Stereo" "10"
    I also edited the 50-extension.conf file in the same directory as following:

    Section "Extensions"
      Option "XFree86-DGA" "Disable"
      Option  "Composite" "Disable"
    After that, I reboot my system. Unfortunately, I was stacked in the login screen:

    It gave me a white screen with a warning messages:

    "A problem has occrured and the system can't recover. Please logout and try again"
    thanks again.
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