I've got to set up a routed site-to-site VPN. With NetWare I found it
easy; with SLES I'll admit to being a bit confused. The SLES 11
Security documentation (Chap. 16) seems a bit lean. The OpenSUSE site
appears to be where I can download all the openvpn packages I'll need
(just guessing here). The openvpn web site appears to be trying to be
all things to all people; got a bit lost.

I have a remote office (20 people on their own private network
( NAT'd (SLES11 iptables script providing NAT and
firewall services) to the Internet (standard ISP issued IP4 address on
the Public side).

Main campus, static IP4 addresses on the public side, hundreds of
clients on different subnets NAT'd to a static public IP4 address
(SLES11 iptables script..... ).

I want the remote office to appear as another subnet on the main campus
- routed VPN.

Perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill but I'm having a
difficult time finding some good guidance here.

Would anyone help point me in the right direction?