I am trying to install my copy of SUSE 11 SP1 on my new Thinkpad T520
The Thinkpad has Windows 7 already on it, so I am trying to dual boot

My copy of SUSe 11 SP1 installs fine, but when I try and configure the
network, it says that it "cannot configure the network card because the
kernel device (eth0, wlan0) is not present"

The Windows 7 configuration is as follows:
Network card: Wireless LAN PCI Express Half Mini Card Adapter
Driver: Realtek Semiconductor Corp

I also noticed that it does not seem to recognize the Video Card which
again in Windows 7 displays as a
"Intel HD Graphics Family"

Therefore it will not allow use of advanced graphics i.e. the fancy
cube etc ...

Please advise how I can at least get SUSE 11 SP1 to recognise the
network card?


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