Hello all,

We have a 2 node sles10 oracle cluster, based on ocfs. Recently, we decided to upgrade to Sles11 so we bought the Sles11 enterprise licences and we began to do some test first. All good except that now the ocfs2 packages are in HA module and not in the SLeS enterprise repository, as they were in sles10. So, I'm wonder , why do I have to buy HA extension for Sles 11 , only for ocfs2 when :
- I only use ocf2 from HA extension , with included o2cb, nothing else;
- ocfs2 it's an oracle project, and packages are under GPL license type (check http://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs2/) ?

Is there any advantages(technically speaking), in using HA extention, for an ocfs2 cluster, that I'm missing here ?

Thank you,