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Thread: Host File System for virtual machine

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    Host File System for virtual machine

    Good day:
    I have a new server for a small business. I have 4 TB of space available for virtual machines. Btrfs is the default file system. I would like to create a partition just for images. I was thinking of creating a 2.5 TB partition using ext3. I have the following two questions.
    1.) Should I just leave the filesystem type on BtrFS, or does ext3 make sense for virtual machine images? (guest OS will be OES 2015 (Sles 11 SP4 base).
    2.) when trying to create a partition of 2.5 TB of ext3 on /var/lib/libvirt/images, I get a warning of "Some subvolumes of the root filesystem are shadowed by mount points of other filesystems. This could lead to problems. @/var/li/libvirt/images. Really use this setup?

    Looking for advice as to the best way to proceed.

    Please advise at your earliest convenience.
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