On 02/02/2018 03:44 AM, rajesh rao1788 wrote:
> I have a opensuse server with 12 SP1 installed and configured 3 bond

Before we get into this too far, is it really an openSUSE machine, vs. a
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) machine? If the former, please use
the openSUSE forums a https://forums.opensuse.org/ which use the same
credentials as here, but which are for openSUSE. This forum is
specifically for SLES.

Also, if you are on SLES, it may be worth noting that SLES 12 SP3 is
current, and SLES 15 is in public eta, so you may want to try the latest
code, as I presume this is a new installation.

> interface , the problem is that i'm able to access only one network out
> of three bonded interface to which default route is provided, others are
> not able to communicate for eg.
> bond2 has ip range
> bond 4 has ip range -- default gateway is avaliable
> bond 6 has ip range
> i'm not able to reach ip from 12 vlan to 18 vlan.

If on SLES, please post the output of the following commands:
ip link
ip a
ip r
ip neigh
You may also find it useful to share details about other systems on these
VLANs; can they reach eachother on the same VLAN? Can they reach systems
on other VLANs?

If you disable bonding, does any of this work better?

Good luck.

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