Hi Wylbur

Your account shows as only having been created today, hence from that perspective you are 'new' If you've used some other account on This system, then logging in with it may imply some grey hairs earned.

Your 'world' sounds like one of those where since instances are a few factors pricier than a single PC operating system, hence a Very different ecosystem for support. Professional support is available here Once you've paid for it. The whole Open Source based ecosystem is based on self service and community support first, with a many vendors such as SUSE making available full direct support available for a fee. When the product cost is more in line with a tire than a whole car, there just isn't any incentive to spend a whole lot of effort hand holding each and every Possible sale. The large number of the inhabitants of these forums are not used to the world you come from, this world has a different culture. To help acclimatize to this world, I would suggest perusing The Jargon File (aka The New Hackers Dictionary)

With any PC operating system, there will be an attempt to utilize what has been left before(even if not officially supported), but it always has been a case of your mileage will vary. It's always been an optimal path to start with a flushed/clear disk.

The reason for asking about the video card is because your symptoms triggered thoughts on issues where it very much matters which card(s) where involved. When you are asking for help, you get a whole lot further when you check your ego about what is and isn't relevant and just answer the expert's questions.

Andy, Adventuring in the Chaos that is our various 'worlds'