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Thread: AMD Radeon graphic card

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    AMD Radeon graphic card

    Mz daugther has an old computer and I got convinced her to use Linux.It has been quite difficult. OpenSuse worked fine for some years. Because administration is needed, I decided buy a SLED license for her. This should even be better.
    The system install fine. But it do not boot.
    After login screen the screen is gray.
    Using ALT CTRL F1 and manual login and code startx, the display starts and all works well.
    The mouse flashes little bit, bt it works.

    But I can't get the display manager to start.

    So she got another laptop with Ubuntu. But she prefer SUSE and wish it back.

    I can't find a solution on web. I can find that if the driver has an issue, X-manager might fail to start.

    By the way, before kernel update it worked fine.
    i have similar issues with my SLES after last kernel update. Nividia card and boot issue I has to solve with reboot or startx
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