Problems with SLED 12 SP3 install.

Coming from LEAP 42.3.

Install and upgrade installs tried across two different systems. Following are the problems:

1) Can't seem to find the system files on upgrade second time around.
2) Doesn't reformat the swap from what LEAP 42.3 does
4) Decides to name the system -- doesn't ask, doesn't give a obvious place to fix it first.
5) Gets 75% of the way through the system file search and loops doing ????
6) Python-six RPM doen'st get installed -- Boot is screwed as a result
7) IF one gets the system to boot, then Gnome never displays a prompt for login
8)OPENSUSE doesn't do LIVE DVDs anymore.

So, to fix this and get it all working, I had to resort to a KNOPPIX live DVD and forceably format the / partition, all swap partitions before SLED 12 SP3 would correctly install.

This is a bit sad because this is the second time I've attempted a SLED install. The first time was over a year ago and I paid for that and had one day to install and go. This time I had to get things working because of Taxes and having to get either Vbox or VMware player working.

A 60 day trial is assumed to just be drop in the tray and boot, install|upgrade and go. I usually get paid to do QA work.

Again, KNOPPIX to the rescue to get it all to work. And Sales says you only get the forums, no real support from SUSE.