On 25/04/18 18:54, XebraTech wrote:

> I purchased a copy of SLED-12 in the past few days and forgot about WSL.
> While I realize that I can download and install LEAP-42, I always try
> to support the companies that do OS, so bought a copy instead. I'm
> wondering if there is a tech note that shows how to install SLED-12 on
> WSL, or if there's a way to upgrade the OS version installed from the MS
> Store to your commercial version?
> Thought maybe someone might know as I'm not seeing anything immediately
> jumping out at me in the Knowledgebase.

Theoretically, since SLES12 for WSL is available in the Windows Store,
it should be possible to run SLED12. However there is currently no
SLED12 App available so my thoughts are whether it is possible to change
the SLES12 one to SLED12 although this would be totally unsupported (if
it is even possible) by SUSE or Microsoft.

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