KeN Etter,

> Does anyone besides me find the microfocus website to be a navigation
> nightmare? I used to be able to go to and just do
> whatever I needed to do to get what I needed. Now it seems I am
> constantly having to use these annoying "Browse by Product" or "Browse
> by Solution" drop downs before I can get to where I want to be. Is
> that really even necessary?

Yes, it's awful. The 'Search Knowledgebase' feature has gone to heck
too. Keyword searches are all but unusable because you can no longer
search for a phrase by enclosing it in quotes -- if I search for, say,
"login expiration time", I get search hits with any of the terms instead
of only hits with that phrase. I actually have better luck using a Web
search engine. It's especially sad given how good
used to be.